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I would think that the Racial Barriers would be broken when it comes to a fellow officer of the law. Normally there would be a certain bond between two men who share the same goals and the same job as attempting keeping crime off the streets. Simply not the case when it comes to Sheriff Howard Richard Sills. I will elaborate as to why I say this to the best of my ability in the article.

Lt. James Clark and Deputy Tracey Stephens were traveling northbound going toward Athens Clarke County, that’s when a 1998 white ford pick-up truck headed in the opposite direction, drove across the center line and hit the two officers head on. The driver whose name is William Randolph Collins of Cobb County was intoxicated and DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCE. But check this out come to find out the Sheriff failed to immediately arrest him. This took place on highway 441 in Eatonton, Putnam County. Deputy Tracey Stephens survived fortunately and was treated at Putnam County General Hospital for minor injuries. It was reported that all of this took place outside Putnam County and in Madison County when that is totally incorrect, otherwise he wouldn’t have ended up at the hospital in Putnam County but at Madison’s Memorial Hospital which by far surpassed Putnam General in service and care.

Funeral Services for Lt. James Clark were held on Saturday, May 27, 2000 A.D. and hundreds of law enforcement officers as well as the family and friends of the courageous man attended. Many there had a distant look in their eyes. One person’s eyes that weren’t seen there were those of Sheriff Howard Richard Sills. Other officers in the county made it their business to attend the funeral. Why didn’t Sherriff Howard Richard Sills attend? It seems like what the Nuwaupians were saying about the Sheriff was true all along. This Sherriff Howard Richard Sills seems to be more Racist than ever thought he could be. But you be the judge.

Kedrek Davis




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