07/18/2011 15:55

Effects of Dr. York Imprisonment On Our Education

When the stuff does hit the fan, nature fixes what humans won't.  When the type of catasrophies we read about hitting other places hit on American soil, it won't be remotely nice.  September 11, 2001 will look like a walk in the park.  Yes it will have a lot to do with the wrong being perpetrated against Dr. Malachi K York and the wrong thats effecting his students worldwide.  For those who say they've nothing to do with it, a wise man once said "Your either a part of the problem or a part of the solution". 

There are ways to find out what you can do to help facilitate the freedom of Dr. York.  For many years Dr. York had schools built, teachers brought over with the highest credentials in their respective fields to teach the children.  Education is paramount and of the utmost importance to the children and the future.  Yet there were some people who oddly enough had a problem with not using the public school system. 

News flash: all schools aren't created equal.  To say that sending your children to any public school is best for them isn't based on actual facts.  Some schools, a lot of them, have serious issues; drugs, weapons, graffitti, and an atmosphere of teachers going through the motions for various reasons (sexual promiscuity, bullying, etc).  With the imprisonment of Dr. York, we lost a huge benefit to the education of our children.  FREE DR.YORK!

Khaba Amun Shetep RE

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05/20/2011 22:53

Malachi York Encourages Us To Be More

Picture Drawn  by Ahmad Sharieff Francis

My name is Ahmad Sharieff Francis.  Malachi York has changed my life in many ways as all children born into the world with an inquisitive mind and a natural thirst for knowledge armed with the eternal question “Why”.  I spent many of they years of my life going to church and being exposed to Islam at a young age.   I thought my soul would never find rest due to the unanswered Question such as “Why am I here?” and some as simple as “If Adam and Eve were punished for eating the apple, why do we still eat them?”  As a child, these questions seemed easy enough to be answered, you would think. But as I became older, it became evident to me that Ministers and Imams and adults in my life had about as much knowledge as I did, “which was very little”, about the answers to these questions.

So as many unguided children bumping through life I held on to what I knew.  For me, it was my mothers words, “God put you on this earth for a reason, just ask him to guide you to the truth".  So just as the parables of Jesus go, “Ask and you shall receive”, “Knock and the door will be opened”,  “Seek and you shall find” (Ask, Knock, and Seek).  So for years I asked for God to guide me to the truth.  Now as I look back into my life I can see how the Most High guided my to the truth, spoon feeding me along the way preparing me for a Long Journey on a Short Path.

When I was fifteen, a friend of mine came into our science class and placed a book on my desk “Who is the Comforter”.  It was a Friday.  By Sunday I had completed the book and listened to my first True Light Broadcast on AM radio.  Talk about your world being turned upside down; not because I didn’t believe what I read and heard but just the opposite.  My soul confirmed that I had finally found the Truth.  Malachi York confirmed all that he said by using the scriptures, the language it was revealed in and commonsense.

Malachi York taught me over the years that we are capable of doing things we may have only dreamed of at one time.  I have never seen Malachi York attempt to take from someone or hold them against their will.  In fact, I have only seen him encourage people to reach for their goals.  Growing up, my parents always encouraged me to attend collage.  I never thought it was for me.  I didn’t think I was smart enough.  Well after a few year living around Ba Ba, Malachi York, he personally encouraged me to go to school.  I am glad to say not only did I graduate, but I know have two degrees; one in “Visual Communication” and the other in  “ Drafting :CADD”, graduating with honors in both.

I could go on and on about the things I seen Malachi York do for others and myself.  These are not things that I have read in a book or heard from mouth to ear but I have personally witnessed.  My children and I have lived around him for years and he has never shown us anything but love.  For that, I thank him.

Ahmad Sharieff Francis

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04/10/2011 09:02


I would think that the Racial Barriers would be broken when it comes to a fellow officer of the law. Normally there would be a certain bond between two men who share the same goals and the same job as attempting keeping crime off the streets. Simply not the case when it comes to Sheriff Howard Richard Sills. I will elaborate as to why I say this to the best of my ability in the article.

Lt. James Clark and Deputy Tracey Stephens were traveling northbound going toward Athens Clarke County, that’s when a 1998 white ford pick-up truck headed in the opposite direction, drove across the center line and hit the two officers head on. The driver whose name is William Randolph Collins of Cobb County was intoxicated and DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCE. But check this out come to find out the Sheriff failed to immediately arrest him. This took place on highway 441 in Eatonton, Putnam County. Deputy Tracey Stephens survived fortunately and was treated at Putnam County General Hospital for minor injuries. It was reported that all of this took place outside Putnam County and in Madison County when that is totally incorrect, otherwise he wouldn’t have ended up at the hospital in Putnam County but at Madison’s Memorial Hospital which by far surpassed Putnam General in service and care.

Funeral Services for Lt. James Clark were held on Saturday, May 27, 2000 A.D. and hundreds of law enforcement officers as well as the family and friends of the courageous man attended. Many there had a distant look in their eyes. One person’s eyes that weren’t seen there were those of Sheriff Howard Richard Sills. Other officers in the county made it their business to attend the funeral. Why didn’t Sherriff Howard Richard Sills attend? It seems like what the Nuwaupians were saying about the Sheriff was true all along. This Sherriff Howard Richard Sills seems to be more Racist than ever thought he could be. But you be the judge.

Kedrek Davis

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03/15/2011 00:10

Eatonton/Putnam County, GA Officials Use Nuwaupians To Smokescreen Corruption!!!! Part 3

I'm sure everyone has seen Las Vegas magicians perform the disappearing assistant act many, many times before. I will also bet that most people are unaware there is a great magician who performs magic acts for the citizens of Putnam County, GA every single day. Who is this great magician, you may ask? I will have you know he is Sheriff Howard 'The Coward' Richard Sills the Great!! What is his signature illusion, you may ask? Again, I will have you know he manages to keep a garbage dump full of corruption out of the news. The other part of the act is to keep all of Deputy Noel Lee Wilson's drug use and alcohol abuse out of the news and keep him employed by the tax-payers. We can't forget this great trick could not be the show-stopper it is if Sills the Great didn't do this without plastering so many lies about Rev. Dr. Malachi K. York in the news, that people don't even see his corruption. Is that sleight of hand or is that sleight of hand ladies and gentlemen? It seems he has great chemistry with his favorite assistant, the drunk, drug-addict Deputy Noel Lee Wilson. Let's look at some of the magic they have wowed the crowds in Putnam County, GA shall we....don't forget to bring your shovels!!
For starters let's look at some comments Noel Lee Wilson made about his mentor, friend, guide, boss, and cover up artist, Sheriff Howard Richard Sills. Wilson, the drunk, wrote a letter to the Eatonton Messenger. One line in the letter and I quote,"I have worked with Sheriff Sills for nearly 12 years. He is, without a doubt the most professional and respected law official I know." Beautiful words indeed, I would think a few brownie points are in order for a man who has saved his job so many times. On May 31, 2002, the then Detective Lee Wilson was was arrested on a DUI charge. Too bad it happened in BALDWIN COUNTY, which is Sheriff Sills' old stumping
ground, however out of his jurisdiction. Quick history lesson, Sills and Wilson had worked together in Baldwin County, Ga together before Sills' racism got him dismissed from the department. In the Macon Telegraph dated May 31, 2002 in the Roundup section, the news brief "Deputy demoted after DUI arrest."  The article states and I quote,"Detective Lee Wilson was stopped about 10:15 p.m. May 24 at a Georgia State Patrol roadblock on Sinclair Marina Road in Baldwin County.... a trooper working the roadblock reportedly smelled an odor of alcohol coming from the car. Wilson's blood alcohol level registered at 0.10, and the legal limit for DUI is 0.08."  In the same newspaper, same edition, same section, Sheriff Sills is quoted as saying, "When he returns after the suspension, Wilson will resume his duties as a detective." So Sills had no plans to do anything but put him back to work, knowing full well Wilson has a drug and alcohol abuse problem. Not only that, he knew he was putting the citizens of Putnam County at risk by keeping him on the force. To show the public how harshly he deals with his officers who get caught DUI, Sheriff Sills gave Noel Lee Wilson, are you ready for this? A WHOPPING TWO WEEKS WITHOUT PAY!!!! HOW IS THAT FOR DISCIPLINARY ACTION??
In 1996, an investigation was done by the Georgia Drugs and Narcotics Agency on Noel Lee Wilson when he was a part of the Ocmulgee/G.B.I. Task Force. In interviews with Mr. Burt Davis, of the Ocmulgee Drug Task Force Office, it was determined that Wilson had some stress and was pre-scribed anti-depressants. It was reported that he went to work groggy and was sent home, this is proof that the drugs had a mental effect on him. In the report Mr. Davis theorized that Wilson hated drug dealers so much because he knew what it was like to be hooked on drugs since 1992. It did come out in the investigation that the doctor Wilson had been seeing for stress was really seeing Wilson because of his drug addiction. This investigation into Wilson's drug abuse is what ultimately led to his resignation from the Ocmulgee/G.B.I. Task Force in 1996, in lieu of termination. NOW, HOW MANY DRUG DEALERS HAS WILSON ARRESTED AND TESTIFIED UNDER OATH IN A COURT OF LAW AGAINST WHILE HE WAS UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF DRUGS HIMSELF. All of this information and more can be found out about corrupt officials like these anywhere in the state of Georgia, thanks to the Open Records Act pursuant to O.C.G.A. 50-18-70, thanks to former Governor of Georgia, Roy Barnes. These are the kinds of magic tricks Sills performs on the citizens of Putnam County everyday!!
This is why Sheriff Sills keeps Wilson on his string. It's because he knows with Wilson's track record, he probably wouldn't even be considered for hire by a real sheriff with real morals and concern for his department's reputation. Unlike Sills, if you are a racist cop with a few issues he can use to control you like Wilson, he will take you, no if's, no and's, or but's about it. Like the time on September 1, 1999, Sills brought his puppet Wilson out to the Nuwaupians' property and forced him to video on private property. Keeping in mind, that Wilson knew he was breaking the law, but that is a part of the pact agreement that he has entered himself into now and it's nothing he can do about it, but continue to be a slave to his master Sheriff Sills! Don't believe me, check it out O.C.G.A.  Official Code Of Georgia Annotated 16-11-62, explains it. Wilson, along with another one of Sills' flunkies, Captain Charles E. Myers were accused of stealing $6,944 from Mrs. Sharon Ann Harris. Another case as with Stephen Reese II, another corrupt Putnam County Sheriff, who was convicted in case number: 16586 of sodomizing and raping a woman while she was in custody of the Putnam County Sheriff's department.
Now you can see the corruption that goes on in Putnam County, GA on a daily basis in the Putnam County Sheriff's Department, that Sheriff Sills fails to make known. What's more the local news 'reporters' do not report as well. This is because of the satanic pact that exists within the government of Putnam County, GA. All of these things were brought to light by author David F. Moreland, in his book 'Chickens Come Home To Roost.' Moreland exposes the fact that there is a satanic cult that exists there and he was once a part of it. If you would like to know more about the corruption, please seek out this book. It gives the perspective of a person who is on the inside.

In closing, I would like to add that as all this corruption was going on in Putnam County, GA, Sheriff Sills and the EATONTON PACT(SATANIC) was on a smear campaign against Rev. Dr. Malachi Z. York and the Nuwaupians. It was a really amazing thing to see how they would blow something as minor as a zoning violation into a widespread media frenzy meanwhile behind the scenes he was struggling to hold his empire of corruption out of the spotlight!! If you are suspicious about any officials in your area who you may think are corrupt, you have the right to investigate them by leave of the Open Records Act, July 1, 1999. This act was signed into law by then Governor of Georgia, Roy Barnes, who was making an effort to stamp out corruption in his beloved state, our hats go off to him.

Here is Eatonton/Putnam County, GA Officials Use Nuwaupians To Smokescreen Corruption!!!! Part 2

Atun Sen Goreg

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03/09/2011 02:53

The Torture of Dr. Malachi York

In the annals of history, the worst human condition through is torture, which is the infliction of pain on an individual over a longer period of time. The purpose of this article is to define the type of torture that was & continues to be inflicted on Dr. Malachi York ADMAX Supermax Federal Prison in Florence Colorado. The Bouvier Law Dictionary:

"Torture as punishment. A punishment in some countries on the alleged criminals to get them to confess their crimes & to expose their employees. Two This absurd & tyrannical practise never was in use in the United States, because no man is bound to incriminate themselves. An attempt to torture a person accused of crimes in order to extort a confession, is a criminal offence. Two Tyler, 380th Willow Prompt.

Under the Vienna Convention documents:

Freedom from torture

I, Part II, paragraph 54, welcomed VDAP ratification by many Member States of the UN Convention against Torture & Section 61, also states that efforts to eradicate torture should, first & foremost concentred on prevention and, therefore, encourage early adoption of an additional protocol to the Convention against Torture, which is intended to establish a preventive system of regular visits to prisons |.   In the morning continuously, after he has fallen asleep.

His Excellency Dr. Kobina Malachi York was exposed to different kinds of torture, to name but a few:

Physical torture, which is placed in cells at ADMAX prison in Florence Colorado, which is built into the Rockies Mountains, where the inmates due to extreme cold in winter. This includes Dr York's hereditary angioedema, & weakens his system.

Mental Torture by sleep deprivation. Waking Dr. York at different times during the night to early morning from 12:00 midnight to 6:00 M. This diabolical behaviour ensures that the prisoner on mental focus & concentration losses.

Emotional Torture The obvious money away deposits from Dr York's Commissioner without his knowledge or permission. This is enough to make some inmates very angry & frustrated because the inmate can not do anything about it.

Psychological Torture in Florence ADMAX prison, inmates are kept in their cells for twenty-two hours & then released into a pen, there is no bigger than a hallway, where they're allowed to go back & forth. The inmates didn't see sunlight, & therefore they lose track of the transition from day to night, & thus, lose track of time. This is done to work with the inmate's psyche, & finally break his will.

Medical torture, the denial of the right medication for Dr York's hereditary angioedema, a life threatening disease, which in turn makes him an epileptic attack, which nearly cut off his breathing & his throat swells up to the point where he becomes unconscious. This is a very serious form of torture that can be fatal.

The above methods of torture are violations of human rights law: Domestic & international. Especially given the fact that Dr. Malachi York is a naturalised citizen & a diplomat, consul general for the country of Liberia, West Africa. According to the U.S. Government's official documents:

Personal inviolability is enjoyed to some degree by a majority of the foreign diplomatic & consular staff. This sanctity generally excludes handcuffs, arrested or detained in any form & prohibits U.S. Authorities to enter homes, cars or other property of protected persons. Personal integrity is qualified by the understanding, well established in international practise that the host country doesn't give up its right to protect the safety & welfare of its people, & reserves the right in extraordinary circumstances, to prevent that. Of a crime

The crime mentioned above, in this case, the violation of diplomatic immunity rights under international law, by the host countrys law enforcement agencies, as in the case of His Excellency Dr. Malachi York, who was arrested, imprisoned & tortured by U.S. Law enforcement officials. This is in direct contravention of all state, federal & international laws & must be corrected & corrected for the real justice be done.

Khnum Ka'a Ankh

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01/14/2011 08:41

Do People Lie About Rape And Molestation?


By: Satukh Ptah Ankh Em AtumRE


People who are familiar with H.E. Dr. Malachi K. York(e) and his incarceration ask why would the accusers lie?  After reading the statistics below, you will see that it is a normal occurrence. H.E. Dr. Malachi K. York(e) is a victim of revenge and a plot to stop him from teaching. How much longer is this going to go on while the innocent suffer? What can you do to help?

• Discussing the miracle of DNA and FBI studies of sexual assault suspects, DNA testing exonerated about 30 percent to 35 percent of the more than 4,000 sexual assault suspects on whom the FBI had conducted DNA testing over the past three years.

• In the FBI’s Behavioral Science Unit’s study of False Allegations conducted in 1983 of 556 rape investigations, a total of 220 (40%) of these reported rapes turned out to be false. Over one fourth of these 556 turned out to be hoaxes. And yet, some feminists and rape counselors claim that only two percent of rape reports are false.

• Linda Fairstein, who directs the prosecution of sexual assault in New York, says that there are approximately 4,000 reports of rape each year in Manhattan. Of these, about half simply did not happen. Says Fairstein, “It’s my job to bring justice to the man who has been falsely accused by a woman who has a grudge against him, just as it’s my job to prosecute the real thing.”

In New Zealand, police officials have stated that 64 percent of rape reports are false and that some women are making a business out of being raped, collecting sometimes up to $10,000 compensation per case.

• The FBI stated that in 1990 over 8,500 of the rapes reported proved to be false. False reports of child abuse were twice that figure.

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03/19/2010 04:48

First blog

Our new blog has been launched today. Stay focused on it and we will try to keep you informed. You can read new posts on this blog via the RSS feed.

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Huni Sen Atum--RE

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