07/18/2011 15:55

Effects of Dr. York Imprisonment On Our Education

When the stuff does hit the fan, nature fixes what humans won't.  When the type of catasrophies we read about hitting other places hit on American soil, it won't be remotely nice.  September 11, 2001 will look like a walk in the park.  Yes it will have a lot to do with the wrong being perpetrated against Dr. Malachi K York and the wrong thats effecting his students worldwide.  For those who say they've nothing to do with it, a wise man once said "Your either a part of the problem or a part of the solution". 

There are ways to find out what you can do to help facilitate the freedom of Dr. York.  For many years Dr. York had schools built, teachers brought over with the highest credentials in their respective fields to teach the children.  Education is paramount and of the utmost importance to the children and the future.  Yet there were some people who oddly enough had a problem with not using the public school system. 

News flash: all schools aren't created equal.  To say that sending your children to any public school is best for them isn't based on actual facts.  Some schools, a lot of them, have serious issues; drugs, weapons, graffitti, and an atmosphere of teachers going through the motions for various reasons (sexual promiscuity, bullying, etc).  With the imprisonment of Dr. York, we lost a huge benefit to the education of our children.  FREE DR.YORK!

Khaba Amun Shetep RE




Huni Sen Atum--RE

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