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Before Malachi York’s Conviction There Was A Hung Jury


           What is a Hung Jury, and what does a hung jury mean to a case?  Simply, it means that the jury did not come to a total agreement that Mr. Malachi York was guilty.  They were having problems, which results in and what is legally called a HUNG JURY.  That means the jury is hung and they cannot come up with a decision and the result should be an acquittal and the case should be thrown out.

 What makes that different in Mr. York’s case are the following facts:

 1.   The ongoing conspiracy with the government and Jacob York coercing and threatening witnesses;

2.   Blocking witnesses from taking the stand that would have exposed the conspiracy during the trial and intimidating witnesses with bogus state subpoenas before they testified;

3.   The judge and the prosecution not allowing Mr. York’s attorney to put in key evidence that would exonerate Mr. York, such as medical evidence showing he did not have any STD’s, and some alleged victims did;

4.   Preventing the defense attorney from properly representing his client;

5.   The judge participated in the case assisting the prosecution by researching case laws for the Prosecution and overruling obvious objections;

6.  The jury was of the judge’s own peers selected by him only Not a jury of Malachi Z. York’s peers. According to the statement that Max Wood made to the jury that, This man (Mr. York) is not a Southern Baptist like us?, the jury was not of Mr. York’s peers;

7.  Government’s witnesses admitted on the stand to lying to the grand jury, FBI and medical doctors investigating the allegations;

8.   Juror #62 submitted a letter to the court stating the case was a conspiracy;

9.   The Judge re-charged (instructed) the jury in order to come up with a guilty verdict after the jury was hung and threatened to remove juror #62 if she did not change her verdict of innocent to guilty then she would be removed as a juror;

10.  The courtroom was partially closed and the jury was anonymous;

11.  Mr. York was not allowed to confront his accusers. Several of the alleged victims listed in counts in the indictment were not even subpoenaed by the prosecution to come to trial.

 These 11 things happened in Malachi Z. York’s case. All the above are violations of the law, but in the Middle District of Georgia, which is controlled by a small band of “Good old Boys”, financed by golf courses, plantations and other “good old boy” businesses, the violations are ignored.  They can get away with anything! So in this case that is the difference. 

 They are trying to set a precedent. Once it is done with one person they can come back and use it against other people and those other people are going to be the minority. Negroes, Mexicans, Black Churches and Pastors, Small Black Business and any successful minority person will be a target for this unjust prosecution. 

So after a three-week trial in Brunswick, GA, the hometown and area where the judge practiced as a lawyer, the court purposefully blocked the public from seeing the conspiracy. This was done so he could select his own jury. We come up with a hung jury. Why? Because there was only one black person on the jury and that person was juror #62 who saw the conspiracy. 

The jury did not ask for any evidence pertaining to Child Molestation or RICO (Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organization) charges. They only asked for York’s religious book, the Holy Tablets.  Was this case a criminal case of child molestation and RICO or was it a RELIGIOUS PERSECUTION? A hung jury results in a dismissal, throwing the case out or an acquittal.  It should not have resulted in the judge talking to the jurors coming back in a matter of a couple of minutes with a guilty verdict.  If it were any body other than Mr. York with a hung jury, this case would not have gone on.

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