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The Torture of Dr. Malachi York

In the annals of history, the worst human condition through is torture, which is the infliction of pain on an individual over a longer period of time. The purpose of this article is to define the type of torture that was & continues to be inflicted on Dr. Malachi York ADMAX Supermax Federal Prison in Florence Colorado. The Bouvier Law Dictionary:

"Torture as punishment. A punishment in some countries on the alleged criminals to get them to confess their crimes & to expose their employees. Two This absurd & tyrannical practise never was in use in the United States, because no man is bound to incriminate themselves. An attempt to torture a person accused of crimes in order to extort a confession, is a criminal offence. Two Tyler, 380th Willow Prompt.

Under the Vienna Convention documents:

Freedom from torture

I, Part II, paragraph 54, welcomed VDAP ratification by many Member States of the UN Convention against Torture & Section 61, also states that efforts to eradicate torture should, first & foremost concentred on prevention and, therefore, encourage early adoption of an additional protocol to the Convention against Torture, which is intended to establish a preventive system of regular visits to prisons |.   In the morning continuously, after he has fallen asleep.

His Excellency Dr. Kobina Malachi York was exposed to different kinds of torture, to name but a few:

Physical torture, which is placed in cells at ADMAX prison in Florence Colorado, which is built into the Rockies Mountains, where the inmates due to extreme cold in winter. This includes Dr York's hereditary angioedema, & weakens his system.

Mental Torture by sleep deprivation. Waking Dr. York at different times during the night to early morning from 12:00 midnight to 6:00 M. This diabolical behaviour ensures that the prisoner on mental focus & concentration losses.

Emotional Torture The obvious money away deposits from Dr York's Commissioner without his knowledge or permission. This is enough to make some inmates very angry & frustrated because the inmate can not do anything about it.

Psychological Torture in Florence ADMAX prison, inmates are kept in their cells for twenty-two hours & then released into a pen, there is no bigger than a hallway, where they're allowed to go back & forth. The inmates didn't see sunlight, & therefore they lose track of the transition from day to night, & thus, lose track of time. This is done to work with the inmate's psyche, & finally break his will.

Medical torture, the denial of the right medication for Dr York's hereditary angioedema, a life threatening disease, which in turn makes him an epileptic attack, which nearly cut off his breathing & his throat swells up to the point where he becomes unconscious. This is a very serious form of torture that can be fatal.

The above methods of torture are violations of human rights law: Domestic & international. Especially given the fact that Dr. Malachi York is a naturalised citizen & a diplomat, consul general for the country of Liberia, West Africa. According to the U.S. Government's official documents:

Personal inviolability is enjoyed to some degree by a majority of the foreign diplomatic & consular staff. This sanctity generally excludes handcuffs, arrested or detained in any form & prohibits U.S. Authorities to enter homes, cars or other property of protected persons. Personal integrity is qualified by the understanding, well established in international practise that the host country doesn't give up its right to protect the safety & welfare of its people, & reserves the right in extraordinary circumstances, to prevent that. Of a crime

The crime mentioned above, in this case, the violation of diplomatic immunity rights under international law, by the host countrys law enforcement agencies, as in the case of His Excellency Dr. Malachi York, who was arrested, imprisoned & tortured by U.S. Law enforcement officials. This is in direct contravention of all state, federal & international laws & must be corrected & corrected for the real justice be done.

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