05/26/2010 02:36

The Kidnapping of Dr. York



On Wednesday May 8, 2002 the biggest raid ever seen in the USA took place in Putnam County, 404 Shady Dale Road in Eatonton, Georgia. The raid involved over 300 heavily armed agents from the FBI, ATF, GBI, the Putnam County Sheriff Department, Newton County Sheriff Department, the Jones County Sheriff Department, and the Baldwin County Sheriff Department armed with assault riflies, head mask, body shields, and tear gas. This raid was triggered by a federal investigation of someone by the name of "Dwight D. York" according to the arrest warrant.


Dr. Malachi K. York informed the arresting officers he was a Liberian Diplomat by presenting his foreign dignitary card, which was never returned to him.  After the arrest, he continued to inform law enforcement, his attorneys and the presiding judges that he is a Liberian Citizen and Diplomat (Diplomatic Passport Number: D/003828-04).  Dr. Malachi K. York established his Liberian Permit of Residence on 25 August 1999, permit number: 108208. Dr. Malachi K. York requested an Oath of Allegiance and a Certificate of Citizenship on 4 October 1999. Dr. Malachi K. York swore his Oath of Allegiance to Liberia on 9 October 1999.  Despite all of this, Dr. York was still kidnapped by the state and federal govenrments.




Huni Sen Atum--RE