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Malachi York Encourages Us To Be More

Picture Drawn  by Ahmad Sharieff Francis

My name is Ahmad Sharieff Francis.  Malachi York has changed my life in many ways as all children born into the world with an inquisitive mind and a natural thirst for knowledge armed with the eternal question “Why”.  I spent many of they years of my life going to church and being exposed to Islam at a young age.   I thought my soul would never find rest due to the unanswered Question such as “Why am I here?” and some as simple as “If Adam and Eve were punished for eating the apple, why do we still eat them?”  As a child, these questions seemed easy enough to be answered, you would think. But as I became older, it became evident to me that Ministers and Imams and adults in my life had about as much knowledge as I did, “which was very little”, about the answers to these questions.

So as many unguided children bumping through life I held on to what I knew.  For me, it was my mothers words, “God put you on this earth for a reason, just ask him to guide you to the truth".  So just as the parables of Jesus go, “Ask and you shall receive”, “Knock and the door will be opened”,  “Seek and you shall find” (Ask, Knock, and Seek).  So for years I asked for God to guide me to the truth.  Now as I look back into my life I can see how the Most High guided my to the truth, spoon feeding me along the way preparing me for a Long Journey on a Short Path.

When I was fifteen, a friend of mine came into our science class and placed a book on my desk “Who is the Comforter”.  It was a Friday.  By Sunday I had completed the book and listened to my first True Light Broadcast on AM radio.  Talk about your world being turned upside down; not because I didn’t believe what I read and heard but just the opposite.  My soul confirmed that I had finally found the Truth.  Malachi York confirmed all that he said by using the scriptures, the language it was revealed in and commonsense.

Malachi York taught me over the years that we are capable of doing things we may have only dreamed of at one time.  I have never seen Malachi York attempt to take from someone or hold them against their will.  In fact, I have only seen him encourage people to reach for their goals.  Growing up, my parents always encouraged me to attend collage.  I never thought it was for me.  I didn’t think I was smart enough.  Well after a few year living around Ba Ba, Malachi York, he personally encouraged me to go to school.  I am glad to say not only did I graduate, but I know have two degrees; one in “Visual Communication” and the other in  “ Drafting :CADD”, graduating with honors in both.

I could go on and on about the things I seen Malachi York do for others and myself.  These are not things that I have read in a book or heard from mouth to ear but I have personally witnessed.  My children and I have lived around him for years and he has never shown us anything but love.  For that, I thank him.

Ahmad Sharieff Francis




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