12/01/2010 17:06

Key Witness Recants Her Testimony Against Dr. Malachi York



Excert from video affidavit of Habiba Washington, key prosecution witness.
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"Hello, My name is Habibah Washington and today I’m here to put on record, the truth behind all of the lies brought up in the case against Malachi York. I’m going to start off by saying that I’m not being forced, threatened, coerced or pressured to do this tape. I am also going to state that, as you can tell, I’m not under any kind of influence to alcohol or drugs. I want to begin with all of the events that led up to the final verdict in the case against Malachi. I want to start off with how it started, where it started, when and the reason why.

I left the community in February of 2001. I moved from Georgia and I went to New York and moved with my family. In about March of 2001, I was contacted by Jacob. Jacob is the son of Malachi York; he’s also an ex-member. Jacob contacted me and our conversation was basically about the good times that we had in the community, what we went through, how we grew up, just making up for old times. Two months after that, Jacob called me. This was in May. Jacob called me about a trip to Florida, a trip where some of the girls and boys, ex members that were going to go down to Florida, just to hang out, have fun, whatever. I agreed to go on

the trip. I told Jake I’ll come on the trip. I left from New York, went to Georgia, we all met up at Jacob’s house. It was me, Jacob, Nicole Lopez, Nuh Rashid, ‘Aiys, Istiyr, probably some other girls and boys, I don’t remember.

Before we actually went down to Florida I had a conversation with Jacob outside of his house and Jacob brought up some feelings that he had about his father. Jacob was really upset with his father. He stated that he hated his father, that he felt that his father doesn’t need to be alive, that he shouldn’t even be given life. He felt that his father needs to just rot in jail. Jacob wanted all of us to, all of us meaning me, Nicole, Karima, he was talking to a couple of people, different people that left the community. He wanted us to bring a case against his father. Jacob told me that some of the girls and boys that left the community had went to the government about different things that was going on in the community, meaning child molestation. Before I left the community, I was the main person in charge of the finances, as well as in charge of anything that went on in the community. The living, eating, anything financial, anything that happened regarding any of the members in the community, I dealt with that, so I was basically in charge.
Jacob told me that the FBI knew who I was and that they were told about certain things that I’ve done in the community and some of those things I could be incriminated for. Jacob told me that if I don’t go to the FBI first then they would come after me, they would incarcerate me, they would take my children away from me because there are things that they were told about me that could incriminate me.

When Jacob first talked to me about that, I was not interested in bringing out any charges against his father. I didn’t see any reason. I didn’t believe that anything was going on, I didn’t believe that anything was wrong, we wasn’t doing any criminal acts. Jacob brought up the fact that I had a son by his father at 17 years old. I told Jacob that my son with his father never came about because I was forced to have sex with his father. Yes I was seventeen years old and yes I did agree to have a child with his father at that age. I understood my age, I understood his age, I didn’t see anything wrong with it, I consented to it, so I told Jacob that that’s the way that I felt. I didn’t feel that anything wrong happened. That we both agreed to it. I felt that I was an adult, it was my decision and I went with it. But Jacob proceeded to say that there were some things that some of the other ex members had went to the government with and that I should really talk to them and see what’s up and see how I can clear my name so that I’m not prosecuted for any of those things."

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