01/11/2011 17:40

Dr. Malachi K. York is a Victim of Character Assassination, Part Two


Sheriff Sills was reported on live TV, Channel 7, ABC Eyewitness News on November 11-12, 1998 as saying and I quote, "We have reports that they are stockpiling weapons."  Again, this is an effort to make the public look at the Nuwaupians as an organization to be feared.  There is nowhere in any files at any police station of the Nuwaupians ever committing harmful acts to anyone.   If there was such a massive arsenal of weapons, why didn't the GBI and the FBI come and search the land in 1996 and not find anything of the likes.

Question, who did Sills get these alleged 'tips' from?  Wouldn't it had to have been someone who lived on the land to know such a thing?  If not, that means he made it all up!!!! Why?  So he could simply incite propaganda of hatred at the Nuwaupians, that's why.  Interestingly enough, Sills had knowledge of everyone who lived on the property that had a license to carry a firearm.  Why, because they had to apply through the sheriff's office to get the permits.  

In an interview by Doug Richards of the Fox 5 news of May 25, 1998, Sills said and I quote, "…certainly a great many of these individuals have applied for and obtained fire arm license to carry firearms and I'm a big defender of the 2nd Amendment myself."  So right here Sills admits on live TV, out of his own mouth that the Nuwaupians were law-abiding citizens and later can turn around with a clear conscious and portray the Nuwaupians as a Black Militant Terrorist group to be feared by the public.  Here's another example: Sarah Wallace of Channel 7 Eyewitness News quoted, "Dr. York a former Black Panther, had served time for assault and weapons charges."  Where did she get this slanderous information from?   

Consider this, Roy Miller, who is an attorney, had previous law suits against the Sheriff department of Putnam County, one of which was heard on Monday November 16, 1998, in the Magistrate Court.  Where were these so-called reporters who only present one-sided information to the public during the proceedings?  Was there a follow up story?  What was the outcome and what did the courts decide?  Do you think this is a story that should have made the news?  Again, this is another example of how the 'network' works together to keep their structure of power built by corruption in place!!!!  In due time, all the corruption and false justice will come to an end.  NO ONE, BE IT SHERIFF, REPORTER, JUDGE, POLICE OFFICER ARE ABOVE THE LAW, NO ONE!!!!




Huni Sen Atum--RE