01/11/2011 17:31

Dr. Malachi K. York is a Victim of Character Assassination, Part One


In spite of what many people were led to believe about Rev. Dr. Malachi K. York having served time in prison from charges ranging from gun possession to assault charges, these accusations are indeed false.  These are more examples of Sheriff Howard Richard Sills of Putnam County, Georgia, using the 'Good O'l Boy' network to his advantage.  Sheriff Sills' knowledge of Rev. Dr. Malachi K. York's staying away from doing interviews, gave him the green light to say whatever he wanted, knowing there would be no rebuttal.  Rev. York refused to give interviews in light of knowing that the media had no interest in truth or facts, but only the sale of papers, advancements in their careers, and further propagating Sheriff Sills' message of hatred and mal-treatment of Dr. York and the Nuwaupians as a whole.

For this same reason, Dr. York declined interviews with reporters so they couldn't present him in a certain light to the public by trapping him in media hype by way of cunning editing, exaggerations, and quoting his words out of context to make him look bad.  Let's look at a few examples shall we. In an article printed in the Atlanta Journal Constitution on September 20, 1998 entitled, “Racial, Legal, Issues Cloud Egypt", by Bill Osinski, claimed that Rev. York was a member of the Black Panther Party. It the article states and I quote, "In real life, he joined the black panther party after his prison stint."  Why is this so very important?  Let's look at the facts instead of hype and racist propaganda.

In the book entitled "Black America" Vol. III, The Black Panther Party was split up by 1967 as a result of the tireless efforts of J. Edgar Hoover, who was at that time director of the F.B.I., to bring an end to the party.   The reason for this being pointed out is because 1967 is before the 1968 release date that Rev. York was released from a juvenile retention center for youthful offender charges.   Please note: that this was not a penitentiary or prison and it was not a charge as an adult.  At no time was Rev. York a member of the Black Panther Party and at no time has Sills or Osinski brought any proof to validate their claims.  These are more of their efforts to make Rev. York appear to the public as this dangerous, convicted felon and they are all lies!

All these exaggerations of gun charges to assault to weapons charges were maliciously built off of a zip gun as a child.  Many boys have made zip guns doing their best to emulate the cowboys on the westerns and Army movies that played on TV every Sunday.  He and his friends were running around playing with zip guns, not trying to do bodily harm to anyone, they were kids!  These are the kinds of important facts that are left out of the newspapers intentionally might I add, to guide the masses to the mindset that no matter how Dr. York's rights are violated, no one will say "Enough is Enough". 




Huni Sen Atum--RE